YouTube Kids Announced



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After Twitter announced the release of Vine Kids last month (and subsequently received positive feedback), Google have responded in kind with the revelation that YouTube would now also be providing children with a child-friendly version of their video sharing platform.



There are four elements to the app: the TV which allows the user access to child-friendly shows; the Radio which allows the user access to popular music videos of songs made for children; the light bulb which is designed for educational videos and then finally, the binoculars icon which provides the user with the most popular videos.



Whilst the app needs barely any parental supervision, it does give parents the option to select the amount of time their child spends on the app. After the timer has ended, the app requires a password to log back in. Google who owns YouTube also announced that comments would be disabled so there would be no way for children to be exposed to profanities.



YouTube Kids which is exclusive to Android devices at the moment has rolled out in the United States with release in the UK expected at some point in the near future.



We do not believe that Facebook are likely to bring out a child-friendly version of the popular social network as the growth potential in the children market is nowhere near as high as Vine or YouTube.




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