Yik Yak: The Review




Yik Yak is starting to gain some traction as being the next new craze amongst young smart phone users, therefore we have decided to see why this app has caused a stir amongst the younger demographic.




What is it?


Yik Yak is an app that is an anonymous social media. It was founded in 2013 in Atlanta and has since grown in popularity enormously. The app allows users to post anonymous ‘Yaks’ that can be viewed by anyone within a 10-mile radius.




How does it work?


Yik Yak combines instant messaging with a GPS service which works by placing you within 5-mile radius pockets to determine which messages appear in your feed. Upon viewing the Yaks, users can upvote, downvote and comment on Yaks.




What are the positives?


The only benefit is that the user can express opinions and feelings without anyone knowing who it is. This however could result in a negative...




What are the negatives?



Due to the anonymity, Yik Yak follows in the footsteps of social media trends such as Ask.FM which was rife with cyber bullying. Yik Yak have tried to combat this by setting up ‘cyber fences’ in places such as schools which means that users are unable to post anything when their phone is within this area. However, due to the 10 mile radius capability of the app, cyber bullying can still be seen as many people who attend a particular school likely live within the same area.


Going hand in hand with bullying is the ability to downvote users’ posts. Many teenagers see likes and upvotes on social media platforms as a means to self-worth. Repeated downvotes can see the person lose self-confidence. 




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