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Feedback from Teachers



"Thank you so much for the training you gave us on the 21st January – it was done in such a way that it is understandable and makes delivering both e-safety and happy kids don’t bully much easier.  We are eager to put the training into practice.  It is good to have training without all the jargon, but still get all the information we needed."  Debbie Hanson, Residential Services Manager, I CAN Centre with Meath School



“It was very informative and brilliantly presented. This I feel was an amazing session to attend. This is because, yes some of the content covered I had already come across and known about, but it has brought it to the forefront of my mind and made me think.”





“Eye opening and very informative – Brilliant.”



“Informative, useful and interesting. Informal chatty style of presentation allowed participation and sharing of experience.”


Teachers - Snaresbook Prep School



“A big thank you for giving such an excellent talk on internet safety last night. What you said was very helpful, relevant and needed. Just what we were looking for.”


Edward Elliott, Head, The Perse School, Cambridge



“Equipping parents to be savvy online! - It was a delight to welcome over 40 parents to this evening on Thursday 10 February and those who attended found the presentation informative, useful and thought-provoking. The evening looked at how we can keep our children safe online and avoid very real threats posed by cyber bullying, sexting and grooming. Very clear advice and discussions surrounding effective communication, physical controls and an awareness of these issues provided those present with much food for thought.”


Howell's School Llandaff



“Both the parents’ and pupils’ workshops were very useful and informative and will certainly be used as a springboard for further discussion and education on safer use of the internet. Our parents have asked for a second evening so that those unable to attend last term will have the chance to listen and participate in the active workshop provided by Wendy. We recognise that our parents and staff are less savvy than our pupils on using the internet so instruction on how to keep our pupils and children safe is definitely needed. Thank you for your talks and your informative publications.” 


Pastoral Deputy - Notre Dame School



"Eye PAT provided an excellent service. The presentation to parents was very well received and all went away feeling fully informed of the practical steps which they could take to further secure the E-safety of their families. From initial interest to final delivery, Eye PAT proved a most professional organizaton. I would thoroughly recommend them to any school considering this most important subject." 
Deputy Head - Croydon High School



"I was very impressed with the content of this course. It was refreshing to have an honest, frank and committed delivery of a sensitive issue. Excellent information provided via comprehensive reference guide." 

Teacher - Archbishop McGrath School, Bridgend



“The Eye Pat training in two hours covered most of the risks of modern technology in a manner that parents could easily grasp. The tips on safety, child protection and good parenting were most welcome and the parents were quick to sing its praises. I would highly recommend the Eye pat course and materials both for staff in-service training and for parental awareness.” 

Andrew Gough, Head Teacher, Ripley Court Primary School, Surrey



"The Internet Safety Training Session delivered by Penny on 8th Feb was a real eye-opener & incredibly informative. Many parents just aren't aware of the potential dangers to their children on-line & may assume that they are safe, when they are often exposed to dangers that they may never face in "real - life". The Session gave the parents the tools to protect their children by enabling privacy settings & a useful CD Rom and films that would generate discussions around potential "grooming", cyber-bullying & how to report abuse. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eye PAT Training & feel that it is a "must" for all parents."
Learning Communities Area Coordinator, Betws Primary School,



"It was a pleasure to host and done to a very professional standard. We look forward to hosting again and to receiving the publicity material from you so that we can really plug it with our parents."

Head Teacher, Tongwynlais Primary School



"Very informative, a real eye opener, thanks."

Teacher, Tongwynlais Primary School



"Way beyond my expectations, fantastic advice. A very sensitive subject discussed in an informative, sensible manner. Many many thanks."

Teacher, Ton-yr-ywen Primary School



"Fantastic opportunity for all to learn about the internet - good and bad! Will be in touch very soon to book a session in the near future in our school and community."

Teacher - Porth County Community School



"We were looking for a way to ensure that our parents were well informed and able to work with the school to keep their children safe online. The training evening was a very successful way of achieving this and I know from having spoken to parents afterwards that it has already had an effect in many of the homes of those who attended."

Head Teacher - Ely St. Mary's School, Cambridge



Extract from Llandaff Cathedral School Newsletter - 2nd October 2009 Parents' Seminar
“We had an excellent seminar on Monday evening, given by Eye PAT (Internet Protection Awareness Training, a local company) on keeping children safe on the internet. A very good turnout of parents enjoyed the presentation... Many thanks to the parents who were kind enough to email a letter of thanks, one such is reproduced below... As parents we are "all in this together" wanting to keep our children safe yet also giving them the freedom necessary to grow into mature and responsible adults.”



Feedback from Local Authorities



"Excellent Presentation - Good way of informing parents of the problems that exist."

School Improvement Services - Vale of Glamorgan Council



"On behalf of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, I'd like to thank Penny & Gerry at Eyepat for a real educational and valuable insight into the dangers posed by the internet to young people. As professionals who care for and support vulnerable young people within RCT, the recent training, which was well received by all and delivered to a high standard by Penny will no doubt ensure our children continue to be safeguarded." 

Darren Notley, Employment & Training Manager for Looked After Children, Human Resources



Feedback from Foster Carers and Social Workers



“Thought it was brilliant. I was amazed that I still learnt so much more again this year, as we did from doing the same course (with someone else) last year!”


Foster Carer - SWIIS



“I thought it was very well presented and held my interest the whole way through.”


Foster Carer - SWIIS



“Brilliant use of resources. Very good information pack. Tutor had a vast knowledge of the subject. I currently work with young adults aged 16-25 with learning disabilities, A workshop with this client group would be very useful.”


Social Worker - Carmarthenshire County Council



“Realise I've been very naive both professionally and personally. Excellent training and the fact that we have a guide to refer to will be very helpful.”


Social Worker - Carmarthenshire County Council



“Very informative. Learnt lots and very helpful for foster carers. Food for thought.”


Foster Carer - Carmarthenshire Council Council



“Very experienced presenter with a depth of technical knowledge.”

Foster Carer - Bridgend County Borough Council



“Excellent Session, clear info and advice given.”


Social Worker - Rhondda Cynon Taff Council



“Well presented and would be invaluable to young people.”


Social Worker - Rhondda Cynon Taff Council



“Excellent, well presented session, I recommend this to anyone working with kids.”


Social Worker - - Rhondda Cynon Taff Council




Feedback from parents


“Very informative. I was due to go to a works party that evening, but I felt this was extremely important and I can definitely say it was worthwhile.”


Parent - Blossom House School, Wimbledon



“Very well presented. This should be mandatory for all parents with internet access. Thank you for providing these links. Your presentation last night was eye-opening. It saddened me to see how young children can suffer through the internet and cruel e-mails.  It reinforced how precious and vulnerable our children are. So many young lives could have been saved if more parents knew of, and acted against, these dangers. I am sure adults can suffer too. It’s too easy to hide behind the electronics. I believe that this should be rolled out to all schools.”

Parent – Howell’s School, Llandaff and Chair of School Governors – Cardiff Primary School



"Excellent session - Thank you - This is one of the most useful and positive sessions I've been to - Learned such a lot." 

Parent Archbishop McGrath School and Westminster MP




“Opened our eyes. Personally, I think a lot of parents suffer under the delusion of "my child would never" and thus put their child at risk. I think you should encourage a discussion amongst parents as to why they think their child is "special". Your experience as a parent showed in your understanding of the subject.”


Parents - Magdalen College School, Oxford



"Excellent Session, I would recommend every parent to attend. Very informative and helpful."

Parent - Brynnau Primary School



"Very well presented, excellent content and a necessity for any parent with children who have access to the internet"

Parent - Cowbridge Comprehensive School





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