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At Torfaen Council Staff Conference, where we presented our Happy People Don't Bully programme, discussion took place on how accidental bullying and miscommunication between staff and line management can affect workplace team dynamics.


As a result, at their request, we created a workshop specifically to develop the relationship between the staff and the managements team, and help employees understand how they can communicate their preferred management style to their line managers, thereby creating a strong, co-ordinated, cohesive and effective workforce.


The workshop was extremely successful and is now part of our portfolio of workshops.


The specific areas the Team Dynamics Workshops covers are:


Understanding ourselves

Understanding your manager's management styles

Helping your manager manage you effectively

Your responsibilities / commitments in work

When you need to speak up

Effective workplace stress handling

Handling workplace conflicts

Workplace bullying and effective management

Where to go for support




For more information please email or call 01446 795055




"Penny is a very knowledgeable professional and her delivery style is extremely engaging. Our request for a tailored programme fitted our needs exactly and Penny was able to vary the agenda to match the direction of need. The training was thought provoking and staff reflected on how their behaviour and attitudes effects other team members. Thank you Penny."


"It helped me recognise that we all bring our values to a team and to understand the difference between conflict and bullying."


"The bricks were a brilliant way of showing the pressures that the bullies can be under."


"I like the opportunity it gave me to speak about the management team and how by feeding back to them, they could help me develop in work."


"I feel I can now look at myself to pick out things I can change for the positive."


"It was a great session, very interactive and I really learnt from it. I enjoyed the regular breaks by doing activities out of the main room."


"Films were very powerful and thought provoking. It increased my understanding of perceptions within the team."


"I loved the values section and the excellent sharp videos. It is important to work with both Line and Senior Managers to look at the whole team values."



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