Just what are your pupils doing online?

One of our client schools recently carried out this survey and they were shocked at what their pupils were doing online at a comparatively early age.


Have you ever wondered just how much your pupils are doing online and whether their parents are aware of their activities.


These questionnaires will help both the school and the parents identify what risks the children are running online and provide a pointer for remedial action.


They do form part of the KS2 and KS3 Family Workshops, but as we are a Not for Profit organisation we are happy for you to use them with our compliments.


Using this is simple:


Print off the questionnaires you need - choose Pupil and Parent ones for KS2 or KS3 (or both)


Give the appropriate questionnaire to each Pupil and Parent


Collect them back in


Enter each return vertically on the appropriate page (KS2 - Sheet 3) (KS3 - Sheet 4) of the spreadsheet. The results will automatically appear.


If you have any problems, email us on info@eyepat.org or call 01446 795055


     KS2 Online Activities Pupil Questionnaire  

      KS2 Online Activities Parental Questionnaire



    KS3 Online Activities Pupil Questionnaire


     KS3 Online Activities Parental Questionnaire


      Excel Spreadsheet for analysing results 


(this may take a few minutes to download and open)


This article saying half of UK youngsters receive no online safety training was published on the 21st January 2013.







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