Staying Safe on Social Media


Technology has become very sophisticated in the last few years and staying safe on social media can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Social Media (Facebook and the million other trends!) has become a huge part of young people's life. We have therefore designed this workshop to give you the ins and outs to make sure your child is staying safe on social media.



Staying Safe on Social Media for Beginners - Part 1


Session: 5 hours


Learning Outcomes 

After the event attendees will be able to:


v  Create a Google Home Page with a password


v  Use Gmail to send an email with attachments, to insert photos and send links


v  Create contacts (address book)


v  Set up Google Alerts


v  Set up a Facebook account and apply privacy settings


v  Use Facebook and Google to trace birth family members (so they know how easy it is for children/families to do this)


v  Use Internet Explorer to access History and In-Private Browsing



Staying Safe on Social Media for Beginners - Part 2


Session: 5 hours


Learning Outcomes

After the event attendees will be able to:


v  Apply software and hardware controls to prevent children being damaged online


v  Set up Windows Live Family Safety


v  Use online messaging


v  Use online video messaging


v  Access unsuitable sites such as Omegle and Chatroulette (for the purposes of preventing children access to these sites)


v  Apply iPad, iPhone and YouTube Safety Controls




For more information on staying safe on social media, please email or call 01446 795055



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