Would You Spy On Your Kids?



They say there's an App for everything. You can now get instant news on your phone, the latest social media crazes or even an App in which you can tap a stapler on your screen and it will make stapler sounds (no, seriously...this app exists). 



What if there was an App that allowed you to spy on your kids? Would you do it? Should you do it? 



According to a Good Morning Britain survey of its viewers, 65% of parents would spy on their children.



The app in discussion is TeenSafe who have plans to expand their sales in to the UK market which seemingly would be willing to comply with downloading the app, or at least according to the GMB survey.



Features of the app include being able to monitor social media activity, text messages (including deleted messages) along with other messaging apps. They claim that the monitoring of your child's phone could be a way to stop bullying and to stop sexting



Of course, your child must agree to download the app on to their phone first which could be a stumbling block for many who might not want to risk being perceived as a hijacker of their child’s privacy. 



What do you think about this app? Would you download it? Have your say below!



If you want to know more about keeping your child safe online, feel free to look at the dangers of the internet workshop we provide for parents. 

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