Saving the evidence

Without evidence it makes it extremely difficult for the police to investigate and reports of online abuse. We encourage you to keep any messages sent via Facebook or any social media site but also recommend print screening the evidence as a back up. 



So, whatever you do don't delete any messages which are either threatening or ask for any sexual actions or arrangements to meet!



To take a print screen follow these 5 simple steps:



1.   Make sure the message is on your screen.


2.   Press the Print Screen button (on most Computers this will appear as 


3.   This will take a copy of whatever is on your screen at that moment


4.   Open Word, Powerpoint or Outlook. If you don't have one of these 
      you can use Notebook


5.   (Notebook can be found under 
      Start/All Programms/Accessories/Notebook)


6.   Use the Paste function to copy it into the document/file you have open.


7.   This can be done by using: any of these three options:


v Ctrl + V


v Edit/Paste


v Press the right hand mouse button and choose Paste.



Save the document using File/Save or Ctrl+S. Dont forget to name it! 
You now have a record of what was on the screen.



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