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NEW   2015 Eye PAT Online Safety Guide

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Part I - The Risks

Part 2 - Social Media

Part 3 - Parental Filters 



Part 4 - Appendix [free with set] 



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The 2015 Eye PAT Online Safety Information Guide contains information on every aspect of child (and Adult) internet safety.


It is 200 pages of very useful and often crucial information which will help you understand the internet and how to put the safeguards in place to protect your family.


It is probably the most comprehensive online safety book available covering every aspect of online safety:


Online Terminology

Digital footprint






Why do we need to learn online safety?

Putting things in perspective

Unsuitable Sites




Grooming and online child abuse

Violent Gaming

Identity theft

Mobiles (Smartphones) and Tablets

How can the internet affect your children?

How does a child’s brain work?

What to do at what age?

Internet Addiction



Top 15 Social Networking Sites

Video Messaging

Geo-Social Apps - Hook Up Apps

Anonymous social networking

Friends, Contacts or Strangers

Dictionary of Social Networking Terms:

Privacy Settings - Facebook

Privacy Settings - Twitter

Privacy Settings - LinkedIn

Privacy Settings - Google+

Privacy Settings - Pinterest

Privacy Settings - Tumblr

Privacy Settings - Flickr

Privacy Settings - VK 68

Privacy Settings - Instagram

Privacy Settings - MySpace

Privacy Settings - MSN Messenger

Privacy Settings - Skype

Internet & DVD Gaming

Gaming classifications

Child/Parent Contracts on Internet Use


Advice for Schools and Professionals who care for young people

Happy People Don’t Bully

Happy Kid’s Don’t Bully

Instant Messaging/Text Messaging/e-mail harassment

Web Sites and Social Networking Sites

Sending Pictures


Internet Polling

How would you know if your child is being bullied?

I am an adult and I am bullying what can I do?

I am a child and I am bullying what can I do?

How would you know if your child was a bully?

Why child sex abusers like to use the internet to contact children

What are children at risk of?

Children at specific risk - Advice

Tips to keep your children safe on the internet

What to do when abuse takes place

Parental Controls and Privacy Settings

Communication - It’s an essential part of the process


Filtering - Technology

The 5 levels of filtering

Whitelist filters        

Blacklist filters         

Filters - ISP [Internet Service Providers]   

Filters - Routers      

Filters - Device - Operating Systems        

Filters - Device - Commercial Software

Filters - Device - Tablet

Filters - Device - Mobile

Filters - iPod

Filters - Device - Gaming

Filtering - Search Engines [Browser]

Filters - Applications


In Private Browsing

Google Alerts

Tracking & Monitoring Software

Internet Cookies

Malware and Spyware

Anti Virus and Parental Controls

System Cleaners

WIFI in open space


Homework Sites



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