Safe Passwords




 With children, the biggest risk to the security of their passwords is showing or sharing them with school mates. With adults it is normally a combination of the password structure combined with the subject choice.


Passwords should be:


Ø  At least 8 characters

Ø  Contain Capital Letters

Ø  Contain Numbers

Ø  Contain Symbols [* / - + / ! @]


You need 5 different ones for:


Ø  Banking - Credit Cards

Ø  Online Shopping

Ø  Social Media - similar but different per social media site

Ø  Business Work - online forums etc.

Ø  Throwaway - does not matter if someone gets hold of it.



DO NOT use the name of your children, your pets or other names which people who know you, or who look you up on Facebook, can guess from information you have posted.


DO NOT use passwords that contain ‘password’ or ‘123456’. These are still (unbelievably!) the most popular passwords people use. With these types of passwords, hackers use a simple ‘dictionary attack’ where programs create and enter word and number combinations to easily access your account.



TIP: If you want to differentiate social media platforms you could abbreviate the site name before your password. For example, for Twitter you could put Twt before your password so you never get confused!



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