Safeguarding Children Online Adoptive Parents






This workshop is designed for Adoptive Parents to help them develop their understanding of technology and how important it is to apply the same principles of safeguarding children online as they do in the real world. 






v  Understand and engage with “Happy Kids Don’t Bully” on how it can be used to support both bullies and victims of bullying


v  Identify technologies used in bullying


v  Identify specific issues adopted children face with bullying


v  Recognise the signs to look for in a child or young person being cyber bullied and how to safeguard children online


v  Understand the impact of trolling and the part mental and emotional problems play in this


v  Understand how young people can use the internet to access inappropriate and unsuitable websites, and violent gaming, and the potential effects this will have on their development and behaviour


v  Understand the part filtering software and routers play in protecting children and where to find information on them


v  Understand how unfiltered public free WiFi’s can be used by young people to access the internet


v  Understand how paedophiles can use online games and games consoles to reach young children


v  Understand how social networking/mobile messaging can be used to contact birth families/children and some steps which can be taken to help prevent this


v  Understand what Sexting is and the impact is has now and in the future


v  Translate online Teenchat




     In order to allow for breaks we recommend starting the workshop at 09:30 and finishing at 14:30.



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