e-Safety Policy & AUP's

If EyePAT were going to write e-Safety Policies for Schools, we would write them as Kent County Council do. We have always been very impressed by the clarity, simplicity and content of their e-Safety Policy Template 2012, e-Safety Policy Guidance 2010 and ICT Acceptable Use Policy Template 2012, so we make no apologies in suggesting these to every school as a template for designing their own.


Why write your own when there is already an outstanding template?




e-Safety Policy Guidance      e-Safety Policy Template      Staff ICT AUP Template




  Policy Template in Word               AUP Template in Word



To protect staff there are a few additional suggestions we would like you to consider adding:


  • Staff are required to apply a 4 digit personal pin to any mobile phone or other personal device brought into school to avoid pupils accessing their personal data
  • That bluetooth is switched off on any enabled devices before they are brought into school
  • That schools allocate specific education slots at staff meetings to update staff on new relevant technologies, applications and online sites
  • That specific members of staff are tasked with co-ordinating the data for these sessions
  • That schools create a "Bully Buddy" system for Teachers who are being bullied whether by Pupils, Parents or other Staff Members and a specific process for dealing with staff bullying issues.


These, when combined with the EyePAT Internet Safety Guide provide you with a complete package.




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