Meerkat: The Review


Some of you might not have heard about Meerkat (not the mongoose or the advert) – apparently it is going to be the next big social media craze. So let’s dive deeper to see what this app is all about.




What is it?


Meerkat is a social media app that allows you to stream live action from your smartphone for your followers to watch. The only functions of the app currently are to start a live stream or to schedule one.




How does it work?


When the user starts a live stream, a link is sent out to followers via Twitter. These people can then view the action unfold whilst also having the ability to comment on it too.




What are the positives?


Meerkat gives you the opportunity to instantly share interesting events to your followers.




What are the negatives?


Whilst your stream initially goes out to just your followers, they have the opportunity to link to their followers, possibly resulting in a huge audience.


Even in its early stages, Meerkat has been hacked. The hackers replaced the originators’ stream with a video of their own.


Many users will be tempted to stream from places such as sporting events where it is likely they will be in breach of licensing regulations. Companies shell out billions each year for licensing of big sporting events and could come down hard on anyone who users Meerkat to broadcast.


Once your stream has gone live, anyone can watch and anyone can comment, possibly opening you up to online trolls.



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