How To Have a Safe iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad





A message for all parents planning to purchase an iPod, iPad or iPhone for their children:


Sales figures for the iPod and iPad in particular are predicted to decline in the near future which will likely mean a high decrease in retail price. These great products are not only entertainment and educational tools, but they’re mini computers in your child’s hand. Therefore, if you do plan to purchase any of them, make sure you enable the Parental Controls that are built in.

If you placed content filters or antivirus software on your home laptop or desktop, then activating the parental controls is doing the same thing. Just as you were able to ensure your child didn’t stumble upon content they shouldn’t on the home computer, by taking these steps, you can ensure your child or teen will have an age-appropriate experience on their iOS device, as well. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are all gifts your child will love, yet they don’t come out-of-the box family-friendly ready. So, before they are gifted to your child, follow the easy step-by-step guide below to make sure their new iOS 8 device is family-friendly ready.


More details are available from YourSphere for Parents

Thanks to Mary K Hoal for this article.




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