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Printed book - Part 1 - The Risks

Why do we need to learn online safety. This Guide puts things into perspective. It introduces you to the 7 key risk areas Cyberbullying, Trolling, Sexting, Online Gaming, Viewing of age inappropriate or unsuitable images, Grooming and Identity Theft. It investigates how the internet affects the child's brain and what is internet and porn addiction. It takes you through a journey of sites young people can visit including suicide sites and eating disorder sites,. It gives guidance of violent games, and social networking games sites including Club Penguin, Jacqueline Wilson, Moshi Monsters and Stardolls, It contains advise for Sexting, talks about cyberbullying, what exactly it is and the resilience needed to deal with it. It talks about grooming and online child abuse and the new geo location video chat packages.It also provides dictionaries of Text, MSN, Sexting and Chat abbreviations. Do you know what LMIRL or 9 means?
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Printed Book Part 2 Online Safety Guide - Social Media

Part 2 of the Online Safety Guide looks at the different types of social media and networking. It identifies the top 15 sites together with the privacy settings you can apply to keep young people safer. It focuses on Snapchat, Faceparty, BBM, Instagram plus the new video messaging and geo social apps [sometimes called hook-up apps]. It tells you how you can use Google Alerts to warn you of posts of activities and looks at tracking and monitoring software you can use to check what young people are doing.
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Printed Book Part 3 Online Safety Guide - Parental Filters & Controls

Part 3 is about 'How' to keep safe online by applying Filters and Controls. Part 1 will have explained the importance of applying filters. Part 3 explains the 5 levels of filtering, ISP, Router, Device, Search Engine and Application and what Blacklist and Whitelist filters are. It covers filters for PC's and laptops, tablets, mobiles and gaming machines. It covers both the free versions and those which you have to pay for. It discusses over blocking and the important part communication plays in filtering and what technology can and can't do. It covers time limits, both in terms of the times of the day the internet will be available to the young people both to avoid 'midnight surfing' and web cam's being left on at night when young people are getting undressed and ready for bed.
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10 x Delegate Packs

The delegate pack comes in an A4 poppered wallet complete with Pad, Pen, Handouts and the CD containing the Eye PAT Online Safety Information Guide. You may order as many multiples of the 10 as you wish. Price excludes P&P & VAT.
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10 x Online Safety Guide CD only

10 copies of the Eye PAT Online Safety Information Guide CD. You may order as many mulitples of 10 as you wish.
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1 x Online Safety Guide on CD

EyePAT 2015 Online Safety Guide CD. Contains 200 packed pages with all the information you need to know to keep your family safe online. Price excludes P&P & VAT.
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Downloadable Version of EyePAT 2014 Online Safety Guide

EyePAT 2015 Online Safety Guide. Contains 200 packed pages with all the information you need to know to keep your family safe online. Price excludes VAT.
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The Set - Online Safety Guides Parts 1, 2 & 3 + the Appendix

The complete book set of all 3 Online Safety Guides + the Appendix.
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