Happy People Don't Bully Workshop

This half day workshop is designed for all the staff.


The programme identifies why the person is bullying by looking at what has happened in their life to make them need to seek power and control by bullying someone.


It helps the target of the bullying understand  the problem lies with the Bully and that they have not somehow failed as a person. 


It gets to the root cause of the problem which are the issues of the person doing the bullying. Its aim is to help them stop.


No Bully = No Victims


Workplace Bullying Facts


Most victims to not report it, often because they think they are to blame, so you may not even be aware it is happening!


1 in 3 adults experience bullying!


80% of victims say the abuse affected their physical and/or mental health!


33% of those affected decided to quit their job or take time off!


The number of bullying related incidents in the workplace has DOUBLED in the last decade!


For more information please call 01446 795055.


Are you being bullied?


There is no legal definition of workplace bullying but the Health and Safety Executive offer this advice for individuals who are being bullied.


ACAS offers this advice for individuals and organisations.






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