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Happy Kids Don't Bully is an Anti-Bullying Initiative to increase awareness of Bullying in Schools and to try and combat it. The Initiative sees the bully as a victim just as much as the child being bullied and looks to address the problems with the bully in order to get the bullying behaviour to stop. The initiative includes Anti-Bullying Training Workshops for Kids, Teachers, Parents and Schools!  





Babies are not born bullies.

It is a learnt or coping behaviour.

To deal with bullying we need to get to the root cause of the problem, the Bully.

Happy Kids (and Adults) Don’t Bully.

Bullying is not the fault of the victim, it’s all about the bully’s problems.






Is it not better to stop the bullying rather than deal with the fall-out from it?

Do you know any happy bullies? 

We have yet to meet anyone who does!


Nearly all conventional anti-bullying is about supporting the victim after the event.


Let’s stop bullying before it happens!
Deal with the bullies issues so they don’t need to bully
Then you don’t have the victims

These are some of the reasons young people give as to why the bully bullies.



Bullying is not about the victim it is about the bully’s problems . The victim is picked on because they happen to be there and are perceived to be different.


We are all different, we can all be the victim,
in fact, nearly half (46%) of children will be a victim during their school life.


The outcomes of these workshops are:

Fewer victims as the bully gets the help and support they need to stop
What the bully says has far less (if any) impact on the victim
The bullies power is removed 
Bullies are shown to be troubled and become an object of pity not fear.


These workshops are innovative, fun, challenging and different and really do make a difference. However they are just the start of the process, for them to be truly effective all the pupils and staff within the school need to be involved.


Each class/year group of max. 35-40 pupils needs to have their own workshop, not just the children currently involved in bullying. By involving everyone within the school, it is possible to challenge and change the way the bullying is perceived. 


This diagram will help you see how Happy Kids Don't Bully can fit in with your schools overall bullying strategies:



It starts with an introduction to the process designed to be run during the school assemblies, follows on with the workshops and then into the workbooks, pledges and suggested ongoing activities. All lesson plans and materials are provided with the workshop.


We can deliver the workshops or you can buy them online as a kit. The kit comes complete with training DVD and full detailed lesson plans so schools and other organisations can run them in-house.



This is a complete package and includes 4 separate sessions for all ages from Year 1 (4) to Year 13 (18) plus a Parental Workshop and a whole school Assembly Presentation to launch it. There are follow up workbooks, school and pupil pledges and letters for parents. Young People like to be rewarded for working hard and we provide Trophies, Balloons and Stickers to achieve this. 


Booking or Learning How to Run a Happy Kids Don't Bully Workshop:

To book an EyePAT Workshop or to talk with someone email  info@eyepat.org  or

Tel: 01446 795055.


For Teachers who wish to learn how to run these workshops within their own school, workshops are available.



If you would like to attend a workshop  please send us your details in the form below



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Cost per delegate is £110 + VAT 

Happy Kids Don't Bully Kits are avaialble from £199.00 + VAT.


To purchase the Workshop in kit form online go to our online shop


Feedback from Teacher Training Workshops


"Very detailed lesson plan and useful resources and ideas provided. As a result of this workshop I believe it will reduce bullying in our school and the pupils will benefit from a greater understanding of bullying and its causes."

-Teacher Y.G. Caerfili School


"Extremely informative use of resources. It was excellent. I learnt a great deal on cyberbullying. I will feed back to the relevant people and hopefully they will introduce it into their schools in the near future."

-Teacher St. Illtyd's School


 Download the leaflet for more details



These workshops stem from our presentation at the Life Sucks Cyber Bullying Conference for Mental Health Matters Wales in March 2012. 


They were officially launched at The Senedd, sponsored by Jane Hutt AM on 18th July 2013,



"Sandy and Jackie were great on the day! The workshops went really well and the children were really engaged. Thank you again for a successful day!"

-Wicklewood Primary School 


Feedback from the Conference:


“Thank you Penny for the excellent and professional workshop you delivered at the ‘Life Sucks’ conference at Margam Park on 23rd March 2012. The conference focused on cyberbullying and you did a wonderful job in exploring what cyberbullying is and how it impacts on young people. There was an interesting counterbalance in your presentation with the exploration of what makes a person a bully." 


"Penny Steinhauer – very informative/engaging.", "Penny excellent.", "EyePAT very good, Cyberbullying(Penny) excellent – thank you."


Overall the conference was rated as a huge success and everyone was very positive about the whole day, thank you so much for contributing to this success. It was great working with you throughout the planning process, you were very supportive and professional. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.


Jan Kearn, Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health Matters Wales”


We are happy to speak at conferences on Bullying or Online Safety. Please contact Penny Steinhauer on penny@eyepat.org Tel: 01446 795055







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