Online Safety for Foster Carers



To meet the needs of our clients we have restructured our workshop, so both Social Workers and Foster Carers can attend the same workshop. Everyone joins the workshop at 09:30. The Foster Carers leave at 14:30 and the Social Workers then cover areas which are specific to them, with the workshop finishing at 16:30.


Clients can of course have only Social Workers or Foster Carers attending if they wish, this structure gives organisations the choice, especially if finances are restricted.


 Experience has shown that most professionals who work with children have little knowledge of the online risks and what they can do to help keep the young people safe. The purpose of this workshop is to change that.


 What will you learn? 


v Understand the 7 key risks in Online Safety, Viewing unsuitable sites, Online Bullying, Trolling, Sexting, Grooming (both virtual and real world), Violent Gaming, Identity Theft.


v Understand and engage with “Happy Kids Don’t Bully” on how it can be used to support both bullies and victims of bullying


v  Identify technologies used in bullying


v  Identify specific issues children in care face with cyber bullying


v  Recognise the signs to look for in a child or young person being cyber bullied


v  Understand the impact of trolling and the part mental and emotional problems play in this


v  Understand how young people can use the internet to access inappropriate and unsuitable websites, and violent gaming, and the potential effects this will have on their development and behaviour


v  Understand the part filtering software and routers play in protecting children and where to find information on them


v  Understand how paedophiles can use on-line games and games consoles to reach young children


v  Understand what Sexting is and the impact is has now and in the future


v  Clearly state the link between online child pornography and online child abuse


v  Define the legal position regarding sexted images and be aware of a process to follow when dealing with it.


v  Understand how social networking/mobile messaging can be used for unsupervised contact between birth families/children and some measures which can be used to address this


v  Understand the part internet technology plays in contact between social care staff and children in care


v  Translate online Teenchat


v  Understand how social media can effect child care professionals and social workers


v  Have sufficient skill and knowledge to carry out a Home Online Safety Audit with Service Users






        How long is the workshop?


This workshop is normally scheduled from 09:30 until 14:30 or 16:30 depending on the group.






“One of the best training events I've attended. The course was so interesting that it could be a full day as other aspects could be developed as further training. Social networking was excellent and the information provided was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, focused on experience! Useful tools to work with parents, young people and their foster families, my family and friends! Spread the word." 

 - Bridgend Country Borough Council




"This should be offered to all parents! It’s educational, fascinating and frightening. I will be changing my passwords when I get home! I will ask directly about cyber bullying in initial assessments with children with children, young people and their families"

 - Bridgend CAHMS



"It covered more than I expected. It was very interesting and contained excellent presentations. Tutor covered more than what was expected. Very good. Good resources. Good mixture of methods of learning. Group discussions, a lot of information to take on board. Handout excellent. Tutor very clear, assertive and spoke confidently with excellent knowledge. Very good presentation. IT area seemed to intense to be able to discuss with the team members. Inform parents and offer advice and support. Use info in personal and work life."



"Very interesting, condensed well so not repetitive, it was to the point. Good resources, well worth attending. I will be speaking to kinship foster carers to raise their awareness.”

- Rhondda Cynon Taff



"It made me realise that I've been very naive both professionally and personally. Excellent training; and the fact that we have a guide to refer to will be very helpful."

 - Carmarthenshire County Council



"A very interactive trainer - held my interest even after lunch!"

 - Blaenau Gwent & Caerphilly Council



 "Excellent training. Extremely useful for Social Workers. More training like this please!"

 - Blaenau Gwent & Caerphilly Council



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