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Top `10 tips for taking Selfies




Films about Sexting and Nude Selfies


New CEOP Film on Naked Selfies - Film 1


 Naked Selfies -  Film 2 of 4

 CEOP Film Naked Selfies 3 of 4

 CEOP Film Naked Selfies4 of 4


Clip from You Tube showing Jimmy promoting Childline app called Zipit which gives people comebacks if they find themselves in a Sexting Situation.



CEOP film about the fall out when Sexting goes wrong. This is aimed at age 14+.


The story of Jessie Logan
Jessie aged 18, an American Teenager committed suicide after a Sexting message she sent to her boyfriend was distributed to her whole school. This film talks with her mother.

Hope Witsell
The news story about the story of Hope and how she ended up commiting suicide after Sexting and the bullying which followed.




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