CEOP and other films on Grooming

 Films about Grooming or Sexual Predators

Age 11 - 16. This film shows the consequences of a young teenage girl putting information on her social networking site without thinking about what can be done with that information.


Jigsaw – 8 – 10 year olds
Age 8 - 10. This films shows children how they never know who they are talking to online.


Tom’s Story
Age 11-16. This is a film produced by CEOP (the internet police) on how a young teenage boy ends up meeting up with a stranger and being abused.

Julie's Story
This is an interview with an 13 year old american teenager who was groomed by an online predator

 Matt Thought He Knew
Age 13+ This is a disturbing story of a young man who thinks he is chatting to a girl online only to find out the reality was very different.

Claire Thought She Knew
Age 11+ This is the story of a young girl who is flattered by the attentions of someone she meets on the internet.




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