Bullying Films

 Films about Bullying


Happy Kids Don't Bully - Child Suffering Abuse



Happy Kids Don't Bully - Child Suffering Neglect



Happy Kids Don't Bully - Lonely Child



Taylor Swift who herself suffered bullying sings Mean




Look Up by Gary Turk - a good video for everyone immersed in Social Media




I'm being Bullied Commercial [Tell Someone]




 Megan and Liz Are you Happy Now - Official Music Video




Simon: driven to take his own life by cyberbullying  - Red Nose Day 2013




Megan Landry sings Stronger
A song she has written, performed and filmed hereself.




Speak Up Speak Out

Produced by Ed Sinclair in conjunction with Bridgend County Borough Council


Holocaust Memorial Day 2012 from Ed Sinclair on Vimeo.


Jennifer Hancock - Author of the Bully Vacine


Gives advice on how to deal with being bullied



Submit the Documetary Trailer



To this Day Project - Shane Koyczan



Cesar Milan - The Dog Whisperer -  It Gets Better Project

For any of you like me out there who love dogs, you will probably have heard of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. In this short clip he talks about his early life, the bullying he was subjected to and how he came to accept himself and find happiness. Even if you don't love dogs please have a look. This is a man who dealt with bullying and won.


Let’s fight it together
Age 10-16. This is a brilliant film produced by Childnet International on Cyber Bullying. It shows how Joe, a young teenage boy is bullied.

Sticks and Stones
A UK short film telling the victims story

Words Hurt
Short and to the point this is an American anti bullying commercial designed to show that words can hurt

Anti Bullying Awareness
Another anti bullying film - some swear words so watch before showing it to your child and make sure you feel it's appropriate.

Anti Bullying PSA
Another short but powerful public service film from the USA.

Shows the impact cyberbullying can have





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