Online Safety for Childminders




Safeguarding children online is just as important as safeguarding children in the real world for Childminders which is why we have designed this specific workshop to help you develop your understanding of technology and the impact it can have on children if misused.



Workshop Objectives:



v  Identify technologies responsible for bullying


v  Identify specific issues children face with bullying


v  Recognise the signs a child displays when they are being bullied


v  Understanding trolling and the part that mental/emotional problems play in trolling


v  Develop understanding of the impact of inappropriate sites on the development of a child’s development and behaviour


v  Understand how paedophiles use online gaming to reach young children


v  Understanding what sexting is and the impact it can have now and in the future


v Overall understanding of how to safeguard children online




Length of Workshop:


In order to make sure you are equipped to safeguard your child online, we recommend a 09:30am start with a 14:30pm end time to allow for breaks.




How to book:


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