Reports, Articles and Books on Bullying

Books - Bullying


 Understanding the Bully by EyePAT with Dr. Bridget Kirsop & Neville Evans



 The Bullying and Hate Crime Handbookby Neville Evans


  Estyn Report - Action on Bullying 2014



 The Bully Vaccine by Jennifer Hancock



 Bullystoppers Handbook by Mark H Newhouse



Reports - Bullying

 Eye-Pat - School Bullying in an Adult Environment

A letter to ... the child who is bullying my daughter

One in five children 'cyber-bullied'

'These trolls don't care about what happened to Hannah!': Sister of girl, 14, found hanged after being taunted on reveals she is also being abused after tragedy

Victims of bullying are MORE likely to end up in jail than those who are not bullied - and it affects women more than men

Utah teens facing new kind of Facebook bullying

   Bullying in elementary school and psychotic experiences


     Prospective study of peer victimization in childhood 


Bullying - effective action in secondary schools


Cyberbullying - Dept Families & Schools


Cyberbullying - Supporting School Staff 


A quarter of teachers have been bullied by colleagues


  BBC What is Stress?


    The Danger of Rumination


   The Stress Test  Results


Websites - Bullying - What to do if a child tells me they are being cyberbullied - How cyberbullying is different


News Stories - Bullying



  Pupils bullied on Sports Field 



Bullied children use "wrong jokes" 



Hair and clothes taunts lead to young girl death 



Kicked in the Face for being Ginger 



  British internet troll jailed for 2 years



 Victims are more likely to end up in jail



 School girl "trolled to death"



 Online bullying cases double in one year



 EyePAT Senedd launch article








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