How to Stop Your iPhone From Tracking You





Your iPhone is spying on you. Or at least it is until you turn off the services. Fortunately, below is a handy, simple guide to help you! 



Your iPhone is not the only one at it, it was recently revealed that Samsung's Smart TV is able to listen in to conversations and retain the right to give the data to 3rd parties as per their privacy policy. 



They stated "Please be aware, that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of voice recognition.”



Such is the strength of technology in the 21st century, it now seems that even our TV is watching us and it could get a whole lot worse if the Internet of Things takes off.




Your Smartphone knows exactly where you have been.  


When you first use an iPhone, Location Services are automatically set to be on, meaning that Apple have the opportunity to track everywhere you go. They share this data with advertisers who can then target you in the hope of persuading you to buy their products.


How to turn it off:


First click on the Settings icon and proceed to click on the Privacy option as shown below.






When in to the Privacy options, click on Location Services as shown below.







Here you have the option of turning Location Services completely off by sliding the circle left. Alternatively, you can manually choose to let Apps such as Maps have access when you are using it for situations when you need to navigate from your current location to another. 









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