Hackaball: An Active App for Children

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With the digital world becoming a dominant part of everyday life in recent years, attention has started to turn to the way in which children use digital devices. We know all about the dangers of the internet, but what about the fun side?


A lot of comments can be heard from older generations bemoaning children spending too many hours indoors instead of being active (childhood obesity is on the rise).


We scoured the internet to find anything that integrates both digital play and physical play, subsequently coming across ‘Hackaball’.


Hackaball is essentially a ball that children can hack via a specially made app (seems quite obvious). The best part of the Hackaball is that it promotes creativity amongst children aged 6-10 whilst making sure they are being active.


The Hackaball is currently in its fundraising stage and will first made for iOS which could be a stumbling block for many children who currently own an Android device.


Overall this could make a perfect gift to buy if you think your child is spending too much time on their phone/tablet. 




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