Online Safety for Teachers - New Updated Workshop


We know that the ever-evolving internet age is tough to keep up with and with this comes uncertainty.



Teachers are starting to feel the full effect of the internet - ATL suggests that 1 in 5 teachers knew of a colleague who had become a victim of cyber bullying. On top of this, it is believed that over 75% of teachers did not know if the school had robust enough cyber bullying policies, procedures and practices to address the issue.



Our aim is to provide teachers with the knowledge of managing their online professional reputation and how to conduct appropriate online behaviour by giving them the very best internet safety training available. 



Our eye opening and very informative sessions can be delivered as a two hour awareness event or a four hour workshop and includes the following:


v  Necessary actions and processes for schools and teachers to deal with sexting.


v  Social Media and how it affects teachers


v  Pupil’s use of technologies


v  Acceptable use policies


v  Staff use of personal and school technologies 


v  Plus much more!



Give us a call on 01446 795055 to book your workshop or for more information!




"Very informative, brilliantly presented. This I feel was an amazing session to attend. This is because, yes some of the content covered I had already come across and known about, but it has brought it to the forefront of my mind and made me think."




"Eye opening and very informative - Brilliant!"




"Informative, useful and interesting. Informal chatty style of presentation allowed participation and sharing of experience" 




"Excellent 2 sessions, well presented, interesting and informative. A must for anyone who works with children and young people"




"Thank you for presenting the 2 twilight sessions. As teachers, we have a duty of care towards our students and this course has really raised my awareness of the dangers associated with modern technology."





"I was unaware of the dangers children might face on the internet. The course has given me the information I need to be a lot more aware and proactive!"



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