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We offer engaging and informative internet safety workshops for pupils aged 5 to 18 on any aspect of internet safety. The Workshops are interactive and are designed to engage the children in the issues they face.


Each workshop is normally 1-2 hours in length and covers any topics the school is trying to address. We are happy to run multiple sessions on one day.


The content of the workshops are extremely adaptable and will vary for the different age groups. 


Our most popular 1 hour workshop for Years 7 to 13 covers:


·        Internet Addiction & how excessive online activity can affect learning

·         Bullying / Trolling and the Malicious Communications Act

·         Gaming and Grooming through gaming

·         Sexting and the posting of embarrassing or revealing photos

·         Ratting – how web cams can be remotely activated by strangers 


Other suggested workshop topics could include:


 v  Sexting - What are the repercussions and how can it impact on the                 young person's future?

 v  Sexting and Bullying - How are these linked?

 v  Online bullying - Why bully?

 v  Online bullying - How to prevent and deal with it.

 v  Gaming - The impact on a child/teenager's development.

 v  Grooming - How do paedophile rings work & virtual grooming?

 v  Grooming - How to avoid and report it.

 v  Identity theft - What not to share online.


 If you would like more information about the internet safety for pupil’s workshop feel free to contact us.




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