Safe Online Parenting





This workshop is designed to raise parent's awareness of the 7 key aspects of internet safety as well helping them understand the benefits and risks associated with online gaming. 



We have had the pleasure of running this workshop with over 2000 parents and have received tremendous feedback.



The workshop can be run by EyePAT Tutors, or alternatively the school can purchase the materials to run it themselves by clicking here. 


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This session covers:
Cyber-bullying and Trolling

Understanding the migration of bullying from the playground to the internet


Guidelines to understanding, recognising and preventing cyber bullying





Sexting - What is it?


Understanding txt speak


How many young people are really sexting


Repercussions of holding or sending sexted images in terms of possession and or distributing child abuse images

Inappropriate Web Sites and Images

Prevention of child exposure to images of pornography, sexual abuse and brutality, extreme horror, anorexic or bullemic sites, extremism and more.


Risks of Online Gaming

The impact of a child spending long hours playing computer games and how to deter this


How paedophiles use online gaming to reach children from as young as 6


Gaming cheats for “sale”


Advice from CEOP on child safety


Understanding how a paedophile ring works together


Virtual grooming via webcam networking


Chat rooms and danger words to look out for e.g. LMIRL, ASL PC, 9

Identity theft

Preventing your child from disclosing passwords and personal information



Latest Testimonial:


"Penny’s dynamic  training has enabled staff, parents and pupils to review their use of the Internet and to consider how they could use various straightforward measures to ensure our pupils are safe online. The results of the pupil questionnaire were very interesting and have given parents and teachers an insight into pupil use of the internet. We are very grateful to Penny for her hard work both in preparing for the workshops and for the professional presentation on the day.


Penny’s passion and drive for  keeping children safe is inspirational. Thank you."


Anne Bowerman

Deputy Head, 



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