How to Keep Yourself and Service Users Safe Online



EyePAT CIC have partnered with BASW Cymru to create a workshop specifically designed for Social Workers.


The purpose of the workshop will be to equip Social Workers to confidentially evaluate the online risks for Service Users and provide information on how they can be addressed.


The workshop PRTL [Post Registration Training and Leaning] credit is 6 hours.



Key Features: Includes BASW Cymru Home Online Safety Audit to support Care Plans and covers BASW Code of Ethics and Social Media Policy.




What will you learn? 


v  Know how to use the BASW Home Online Safety           Audit [created in conjunction with EyePAT] to Support     and Inform the Care Plan



v  Understand the BASW Code of Ethics for Social             Workers and Social Media Policy.



v  Understand and engage with “Happy Kids Don’t             Bully” on how it can be used to support both bullies         and victims of bullying



v  Identify technologies used in bullying 



v  Identify specific issues children in care face with             cyber bullying



v  Recognise the signs to look for in a child or young           person being cyber bullied



v  Understand the impact of trolling and the part mental       and emotional problems play in this



v  Understand how young people can use the internet to      access inappropriate and unsuitable websites, and          violent gaming, and the potential effects this will have      on their development and behaviour



v  Understand the part filtering software and routers play      in protecting children and where to find information          on them



v  Understand how paedophiles can use on-line games        and games consoles to reach young children



v  Understand what Sexting is and the impact is has            now and in the future



v  Clearly state the link between online child                         pornography and online child abuse



v  Define the legal position regarding sexted images and      be aware of a process to follow



v  Understand how social networking /mobile messaging      can be used for unsupervised contact between birth        families/children and some measures which can be        used to address this.



v  Understand the part internet technology plays in             contact between social care staff and children in care.



v  Translate online Teenchat



v  Understand how social media can effect child care          professionals and social workers 



v  Find relevant articles, reports and additional learning       materials




Length of the workshop:


The workshop would typically run from 09:30 until 16:30



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